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A dialogue on Human Rights and Rule of Law

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Community and Media Center Kunduz
Human rights and rule of law is faced with great challenges, particularly in rural areas and villages across Kunduz province, it is very essential to pay more attention to these challenges.
To discuss these challenges and seek practical solutions, community and media center Kunduz organized a meeting with officials and representatives of legal and judicial institutions and human rights organizations.
Coordinator of Community Center Kunduz, Mr. Abdullah Rasoly explained that Mediothek plans to implement a series of programs on human rights and rule of law issues. These programs will be implemented after a thorough assessment of the situation of the human rights and rule of law issues is conduct, and the assessments will be conducted through meetings with human right organization, people and citizens, and this meeting is a part of these meetings, added Mr. Rasoly.
Representative from the provincial Court of Appeal, head of the Human Rights Commission in Northeast, director of the Independent Association of lawyers, head of Advocacy Committee of Civil Society Network of Kunduz province, and civil society representatives participated in the program to analyze the state of human right and rule of law in Kunduz province and share their views.
Even though there had been programs about human right issues and rule of law in Kunduz province, but they were all focused and limited to the city center, and they only affected people living within cities, stressed the participants, adding that people in rural areas and remote localities have not been exposed the human right issues and rule of law, therefore it is very important to expand such program to rural areas and district.
Judge Abdul Malik Rajab, deputy head of the Appeal Court says that lack of awareness about law is huge challenge, adding “knowledge about laws is a prerequisite for strengthening rule of law, but we put law into effect on people who have no knowledge of law.” He stressed that public awareness if the most fundamental thing in strengthening the rule of law.
Existence of unofficial justice (systems), lack of the awareness among citizens about their rights and privileges that are guaranteed in the laws of the country, lack of cooperation among executive and judicial institutions, the absence of proper human rights condition for children and families of prisoners, weak determination and believes of government towards human rights issues and rule of law were some of the challenges that participants discussed during the meeting.
It was also stressed the religious scholars can play constructive roles in public awareness issues about human rights topics and rule of law.
Participants pledge that they will work hard to strengthen rule of law and institutionalize human right, and will not refrain from any kind of cooperation with Mediothek in implementing such programs.