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Kunduz Civil Society Reaction against Child Sexual Abuse and Honour Killings

audience and speaker at Child Sexual Abuse presentation
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Following a sharp spike of sexual assaults and violence against children and honour killing incidents across the country, the Joint Network of Civil Society Institutions of Kunduz province has protested against the increasing and devastating trend.
Network of Civil Society Organisations of Kunduz province conducted a gathering on Wednesday 14th of Nov.2012 to protest against “honour Killings and Child and women sexual violence and abuses.” The gathering was conducted at Mediothek office in Kunduz province. 

The main objective of the gathering was to “raise a unified voice and protest against child sexual abuse and honour killings of women”; additionally it was a concerted endeavour to make the voice of the victims of these abominable and reprehensible acts heard in the ears of those boasting about safeguarding and preserving law and its implementation.
The gathering was conducted in Mediothek by the initiative of Network of Civil Society Organisations. At the onset of the program, the director of Network of Civil Society Organisation and Mediothek, Mr. Abdullah Rasully elaborated the objectives of the gathering, he said: ”in the past week we have witnessed some of the most abhorrent and inhumane acts such as sexually assaulting children as young as five and three years of age in Balkh and Takhar provinces, killings and sexual abuse of children and women in Herat and Kunduz provinces, willful executions and dozens of other violent occurrences, therefore it was imperative for us to raise our voice.”

Reflecting his deep concerns, Mr. Rasully said that it is appalling to even recall and mention some of the crimes committed against children and women, but these shameful acts are moving toward becoming parts of culture and cultural practise and this trend show the unbridle and ungovernable social decay, and this is where the role of those who think about human and humanity comes into play, it is our national, Islamic, and human duty to step forward and raise our voice against these abhorrent acts of violence.

Other speakers included Mulavee Khush Mohammad a member of the provincial council, Mulavee Karimi representing the provincial religious scholars’ council, and members and representatives of civil society each Muslimah Wallji, Balqis Oranus, Mohammad Saber yusufi and some other activists spoke about the topic and requested more collaboration between governmental and non-governmental institutions and civil society organisation in combating violence against children and women.
In addition to protesting against these horrific acts, the speakers asked law enforcement institutions to press hard on punishing those who commit these crimes and enforce law it its fullest.