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Mediothek to serve children in Badakhshan


Badakhshan Mediothek had hosted and energetic and fervent gathering attended by children, the main purpose of the gathering was a limey mental development in children.
First of all; we thank Mediothek for acknowledging us and granting us, our sole rights and privileges as children in this crucial time. We appreciate Mediothek for its genuine and honest contributions to the children issues, said one of the soft-spoken children in childish language.
Subsequently; poems, songs, and jokes were heard and gifts were distributed and children appealed for the continuity of such undertaking. None of the respective institutions paid attention to the mental development of the children, we are proud to be, where we are valued. Today is especial day for us children, a day of hope and prosperity, said Sheba Jan the announcer the program.
We the children, we the children
We are elegantly, soft-spoken
Fond of our, religion and education
We were, and would be for ever
Were the children of this land
So, devoted to knowledge…..
Fervent of education and school
Till we live, in this world
We keep pace, with the world
We walk the path of knowledge
By the recitation of the poem above the gathering stretched to its last moment in the hope of next gathering.