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“Media and Rule of Law" Workshop in Kunduz

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Media institutions have flourished in the course of the past decade. As of now, seven local radio stations and two TV channels operate in the Kunduz province alone. Mostly young journalists are employed at these media organizations across the country.
The media actively report about different types of crimes including suicide attacks, violence against children and women and corruption. All these criminal acts reflect a stark reality in the country which lacks rule of law.
In order to evaluate the role of media when strengthening the rule of law the Media House Kuduz conducted a two-day workshop in which twelve young local journalists, male and female, participated. The workshop was held on the 26th and on the 27th of Nov. 2012 at the Kunduz Media House.
A local journalist who participated in the workshop says that it indeed had shed light on very sentitive and crucial issues, particularly on the reoccurring violence against women and children which has recently deteriorated. We learned about key issues on how to strengthen the rule of law through media and reporting.

The workshop trainer also stressed the role media can play in strengthening the rule of law. This workshop was followed by two similar workshops in Balkh and Nangarhar Media House.
The workshop's participants praised the Mediothek Media House Kunduz not only for its effective workshop but also for its other programs as well. The workshop included theoretical as well as practical learning. It is worth mentioning that the Media House conducted a workshop on radio programming a week earlier.