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Discussion on advancing women’s social and political participation

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Jan 31 2018
Following a series of meetings and programs on the same topic during the year 2017, community and media center Khost (Mediothek Khost) organized a roundtable discussion, in the framework of its monthly roundtable, to discus and analyze ways and mechanisms for advancing women’s political and social participation in Khost and beyond.
Women in Khost province are, to a large extent, educated and have skills to work outside their homes and take part in social and political affairs, but due to cultural and other constrains they cannot participate in political and social issues or are reluctant to do so.
Despite developments and achievements in the arena of women’s political and social participation in Afghanistan and the opening of school doors and academic opportunities for women, there are still challenges and issues constraining the participation of women in political and social affairs.
Khost and its neighboring provinces have also been witness to developments in regards to women’s participation in politics and society, but there are still cultural and societal challenges preventing women from engaging in social and political activities.
To discuss these pressing issues, Mediothek Khost invited female representatives of civil society institutions, women rights advocates, teachers and students to a roundtable discourse to share their views with each other and seek practical solutions to their challenges.
Participants emphasized on the continuation of such gatherings among women and activists.
Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to supporting women and working with them to enhance their participation in political and social affairs.
The event supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a part of a series of monthly roundtable meetings conducting by Mediothek offices in several provinces seeking to bring together experts, officials, media representatives, civil society and citizens together to discuss and share their views about crucial social and cultural issues.