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Discussion on the challenges of youth in Herat

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Jan 31 2018
Community and media center Herat (Mediothek Herat) organized, in the faramework of its monthly roundtable series, a gathering of youth activists, civil society representatives, university students and youth advocates to discuss ways of dealing the challenges facing youth.
Participants of the events discussed a wide range of challenges on societal and political level directly and indirectly affecting the youth generation and impede their development. Participants conversed about issues such as racial, ethnic and gender discrimination on societal level and specifically on academic levels, corruption, development, unemployment, and disregard to meritocracy in governmental institutions.
“we see that the young generation is taking responsibilities and work hard to build their communities, but still there are challenges that we must work collectively to overcome,” said Hadi Sarfarazi, Mediothek Herat coordinator.
Ms. Olavee, a civil society activist, said that gender distraction against women has weaken the morale and self-esteem of women and as result they are reluctant to take part in social and political matters or pursue education.
Participants believed that the only logical and rational way of tackling the challenges is to mobilize and work together for meaningful social change and they thanked Mediothek in Herat for organizing such events and giving the youth a chance to come together to share their views about their challenges.
 “youths have great challenges and we need to come together to share our plans and views on how to solve them, but my request from Mediothek is that the youth also need capacity building and training, and hope that Mediothek will do more to help training youth people in important topics,” said Ali Noori, a teacher and a participant of the program.
Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to working with youth in tackling the challenges they face and provide them the tools and opportunities they need to success in the face of great challenges. The event is supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.