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Monthly media meeting: Peace-building a pressing need of Afghan Society

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30 October 2017
Monthly Media Meeting for the month of October 2017
Community and media center Herat (Mediothek in Herat) organized its signature monthly media meeting to discuss peace-building through social engagement and especially through women participation in strengthening peace.
Students, representatives of youth groups and women rights advocates participated in the event organized on 30.10.2017 in Mediothek Herat.
“A lasting social peace is not possible unless all citizens at grassroots levels participate in it and play a role” says Omer Nasir Mujadadi, director of a local journalists’ center.
Mujadadi added that peace-building on societal level is only possible through social cohesion, co-existence among all members of society and a strong sense of patriotism and the role of women is particularly important because they make up more than half of the population.
Sayeqa Sidiq, a women rights advocate, says “women have the potential to work side by side with men to play a role in peace-building and their role is specifically important in strengthening social peace, but sadly women are almost forgotten in peace-building efforts.”
 “I would like to thank Mediothek office for organizing such events as these programs are very important in encouraging citizens, especially women to take part in social and political processes and work together to bring positive change in their own lives.”
Mediothek Afghanistan has been working with women and marginalized groups to make their voices heard and encourage them to actively take part in social and political processes and advocate for their own right through peaceful means.  
 Mediothek monthly media meetings are a series of long running programs which brings together media representatives, civil society activists, government representatives and citizens to discuss pressing social, economic and cultural issues and assess the possible role of media in advancing the matters.