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University Graduates and Employment Challenges

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25 October 2017
Community and media center Balkh organized its monthly media meeting for the month of October 2017. University students, youth activists, young journalists and experts participated in the event to discuss the issue of employment for young graduates.
Participants argued that the Afghan government has not kept its commitment when it comes to youth employment issue, adding that the government has made promises but so far no or a small portion of the promises are kept. The Afghan President promised to give youth people and graduate more robust role within the government, but despite some developments, young Afghans who have higher education and graduated universities still have huge challenges in employment and jobs.
Similarly; donor organizations have also failed to assist youth in finding employment. Participants proposed that donor organization should work on the creation of a database of all university graduates available online, so that every individual and organization has access to the database and take advantage when needed.
Mediothek monthly media meetings are a series of long running programs which brings together media representatives, civil society activists, government representatives and citizens to discuss pressing social, economic and cultural issues and assess the possible role of media in advancing the matter.