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Mediothek Balkh Celebrated International Day of Peace

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Community and Media center Balkh (Maulana Peace House in Mazar-e-Sharif) organized a splendid event in cooperation with national and local institutions to celebrate International Day of Peace on 21st of September 2017 in Mediothek Balkh or Maulana Peace House.
More than one hundred guests including Mazar-e-Sharif based German Consulate and UNAMA and representatives, academics, students, civil society activists, women rights advocates, youths, students and citizens participated in the event.
In his opening speech of the event, Maulana Peace House coordinator, Saber Naqshbandi, underscored the importance of promoting peace through such efforts “we gathered under this roof to sing the songs of peace and harmony together, to show sympathy with each other, to hug each other and to say no to violence together…”
German Consul General Dr. Robert Klinke’s message was read to the audience at the event, the message read in part: “The International Day of Peace on 21 September is an important day and a joyful one as well because it stands for hope, recognition and encouragement. This year´s theme of the UN Peace Day translates all this brilliantly into the overarching motto “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”. Dr. Robert Klinke’s message added “I congratulate the Maulana Peace House in Mazar-e-Sharif for hosting the gathering of civil society and NGOs in Balkh as an open forum for peace and understanding on this joyful day.”
Speaking at the event, provincial director of Sanayi Development Institute, M. Mohamma R. Bromand, said we must work on promoting social peace because an inclusive peace would not be feasible without social peace, he praised Maulana Peace House in Mazar-e-Sharif for its consistent work in promoting social peace.
The daylong event comprised various segments such speeches, messages as well as poetry, discussion, stage plays, awards’ distribution, entertainment and music and peace songs.
Mr. Bromand, asked participants to make a doable commitment today for promoting peace and keep it up for one year next years’ peace day.
“I will write a post each week promoting peace through me Facebook page,” wrote one participant.
“I will turn my Facebook page with a smiley stick into a peace promoting page for two months,” wrote another.
In another part of the event, participants were asked to write the most beautiful sentence on peace, among which several writings were accepted by the 3 judges as the best sentences.
One female participant simply writes “peace bring happiness and smile in the lips of orphans and mothers who lost their loved one to wars and Peace means hope of a bright future.”
Stage plays were performed addressing violence in communities and communities’ responsibilities in promoting peace and standing against violence.  
A short film, produced by Maulana Peace House, reflecting on citizens’ view about peace and peace building trough community engagement was shown to the audience of the event.
The event also included exhibition of painting focusing on promoting peace and peaceful social endeavors. A local young singer-songwriter sung at the conclusion of the event encouraging communities to play their part in advancing peace through participation and engagement.
 Mediothek Afghanistan has been celebrating the International Day of Peace for more than one and a half decade and encouraging communities, religious leader, women and youth to work in their communities to promote peace.  
This event was financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.