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Role of Civil Society in security and Monitoring

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12 July 2017
Community and media center Kunduz – Mediothek Kunduz – organized a joint gathering of civil society institutions in Kunduz to discuss the role of civil society in the provision of security and monitoring government performance. The need of such a meeting emanated from the fact that civil society in Kunduz has been disrupted by the recent conflicts in Kunduz.  
Participants of the gathering expressed worries about the worsening security situation in Kunduz adding that civil society institutions must work together to wither the difficulties.
Representatives of civil society organizations pointed out to 21 cases of targeted assassinations in the course of the past four week in Kunduz city, threats against passengers travel the Highway, continued intimidations across the region and worsening security and expressed that if the current state of affairs continues to persist then civil society will face even more pressing challenges than today.
Civil society activists in Kunduz criticized security officials for failing to provide security even within the city of Kunduz and the highway leading to Kabul and north to Balkh, and hoped that security officials will work on plans to improve security so that civil society can operate without worries. They stressed that targeted killings in Kunduz is higher than any time before.  
 Participants and members of civil society organizations emphasized that civil society and local government must work in collaboration in order to create an environment safe for both citizens and civil society organizations to operate, adding that it is crucial to engage communities and citizens in the discourse concerning common security.