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Mediothek Balkh - Life skills training workshop

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Mediothek Balkh (Maulana Peace House) organized a tow-day Life skills training workshop in which fifteen young participants including civil society activists, human rights’ advocates and both male and female university students took part.
The workshop was organized on the national of how to strive for "empathy" between citizens and it was managed by women.
Topics  of the Workshop included "life skills" in a variety of areas, including the difference between empathy and sympathy, how can we  sympathize with each other, the importance of learning the skills of empathy for the youth, the characteristics of empathy, empathic connection between human beings and related topic and much more.
The event included various segments and parts from group discussions to presentations and so on.
The event was supported by ZFD of GIZ, organized by Bajsazaan and hosted by Mediothek Balkh.