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Mediothek Balkh Organized Poetry Evening “From Herat to Balkh”

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Community and Media Center Balk organized a poetry evening on 31st of Marc 2017 in Maulana Peace House. Dozens of Poets, writers, cultural critiques, and civil society activist from Balkh participated in the event. The evening was dedicated to two young and talented poets and a couple from Balkh and Khorasan.  
The young poets just newly married in a very simple and poetic ceremony, read their poems and discussed the importance and pertinence of poetry in social change. The couple married in defiance of established traditions of spending huge amount of money, in a simple and basic ceremony. They say that we want to set example for other young people.
We are spreading awareness through poetry and literature and such event helps us get our message across, said the poets and they read poetry to the applauses of young participants.
Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to the development of literature and culture in Afghanistan and has been organizing such events across Afghanistan for more than a decade and half and continues to support writers and poets promoting their cause of social change.