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Kunduz-Balkh Peace Caravan Concluded

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20 November 2016
Mediothek Peace Caravan (Kunduz-Balkh Peace Caravan) concluded after three days of discussions and conversations about peace and related issues in in Mediothek Balkh. Fifteen civil society and media and activists and human rights advocates visiting from Kunduz and 30 participants from Balkh including journalists, civil society activists and peace advocates gathered for three days in  Maulana Peace House to share their views about important issues concerning peace and its promotion through social engagement.
Peace Caravan of Mediothek is a signature program of Mediothek Afghanistan, which brings residents, elders, influential people, scholars, students and members civil society from different provinces of together to discuss important issues, such social cohesion, social unity, promotion of culture of tolerance and non-violence, culture understand, fighting violence with peaceful means, and it also provides opportunity for learning from each other’s experiences and lessons learned.
The caravan is community based endeavor for encouraging community engagement in strengthening peace efforts, combating violence and promoting a culture of peace, strengthening peace through social and cultural development and peace related programs, bringing national collaboration and strengthening provincial dialogue, introducing people of different provinces with the cultural values, ways of thinking, customs… of each other and establishing continues relations, clarifying the significance and effectiveness of joint efforts for bringing peace, and security, and establishing coexistence and elimination of violence…
The three-day program entailed various segments such as speeches by Mediothek’s representatives, participants and officials, presentations, group works, site tours, drams and music…