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Roundtable on “Assessment of media challenges”

participants at the assessment of media challenges
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In recent months media in Balkh province and Maza-e-Sharif city have come under heavy pressures from different sources in polices of Balkh province. During this period four isolated incidents have occurred in which journalists either threatened or were prosecuted.
An inside out assessment of pressures against journalists and a discussion of the over all state of media required a gathering with journalists and experts, with this in mind, media house Balkh organized a roundtable.
Ten journalists including senior representatives of some media institutions have participated in this roundtable. Participants discussed the current state of media and the rising pressure against journalists.
Physical assault against the chief-in-editor of Radio Irshad in Shulgarah district of Balkh province, threats and confiscation of a camera of Mehr TV by the police, complaint about the provincial council from a journalist, Mukhtar Wafae, saying that he allegedly insulted the council and its members, and the introduction of some member of research center of Balkh university to the Attorney General’s office, because they published a report which stated that 39 per cent of instructors at university are somehow involved in corruption. These were the main topics of the roundtable, participants emphasized on the establishment of an advocacy unit within the “Community Association of Northern journalists”.

Participants mentioned that some of the events have been triggered by the lack of journalists’ professional skills, they emphasized that media institutions should capitalize on building up the professional skills of journalists.
Similarly; a participant suggestion the establishment of a pathology center for media work in Balkh province.