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Programs on Human Rights and Rule of Law


Proposals on the implementation of programs to strengthen Human Right and Rule of Law
Human rights and rule of law are faced with enormous challenges, particularly in rural areas and villages not only in Nangahar province but in all other eastern provinces. It is essential to pay more attention to these challenges and find practical ways to advance human rights and promote rule of law, believed most of the participants of the program held by community center to discuss these challenges and seek practical solutions, officials and representatives of legal and judicial institutions and human rights organizations, journalists and human rights activists participated in the program.
Participants discussed and presented a wide range of proposals for programs and activities that can improve the state of human rights and strengthen rule of law.
Most of the participants believed that targeted public awareness programs should be the top priorities, because well-planned and targeted public awareness programs can provide grassroots education about these values and it is important to educate citizens about these issues. According to the participants of the gathering education of journalists in these issues is equality important.
Training and educational programs for members of civil society, members of the police forces were also proposed. Organizing and managing programs on investigative reporting and article writing by reporters, civil society and researchers should be considered as well, participants added during discussions.  
Similarly, participants argued that it would be effective to organize and implement human rights and rule of law programs in rural areas and in districts, and villages.
Participants also stressed that besides these important issue it also very essential to establish collaboration and cooperation among institutions working on these issues.