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Network & Platform

Mediothek Afghanistan seeks to create new avenues of dialogue and cooperation in which people have their equal say and freedom of speech. Therefore, Mediothek supports Afghan civil society networks and platforms to enable participation of various stakeholders in the peace and nation building process.
These networks and platforms facilitate inter-regional and intercultural dialogue and explore synergies between various projects and sectors. Mediothek is a participant in and initiator of various civil society networks in Northern, Eastern and Central Afghanistan.
In Kabul it belongs to the Afghan Civil Society Organizations Network for Peace (ACSONP), in Kunduz to the Integrated Network of Kunduz Civil Society Foundations (INKCF), and in Ningarhar to the Coordination Council of Civil Societies in Ningarhar.
Apart from organizing its own programs, Mediothek acts as a support center for other civil society organizations, offering workshops and office space, consultancy, capacity building, technical infrastructure, and its social network. Part of its networking efforts are dialogue programs, round tables, and events on various occasions.