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Media Development

The support of media is crucial for development, peaceful transformation of conflict and building of a free- participatory open society.
For Mediothek Afghanistan it is therefore a main goal to develop the media in Afghanistan and in its neighboring regions.

Mediothek Afghanistan builds professional capacities for journalists, publishes print magazines in Dari and Pashto, produces radio and TV programs, publishes books, facilitates a professional network of journalists, and provides access to information in its community centers, media houses, libraries and internet cafes.

Media Houses

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Mediothek Afghanistan established media houses in different provinces of Afghanistan and also in Peshawer Pakistan to support local media development.

Afghanistan Today

Afghanistan Today
"Afghanistan Today" is an online and weekly print publication released by the Mediothek Afghanistan.

Published Books

One of most important areas of the Mediothek in cultural and academic activities is its supply of books and literary collections.

Children Media

Children Media
Mediothek produces children's media to provide a "world of imagination" beyond their everyday realities of violence and poverty.


Mediothek has established libraries in following community centers:
Kabul, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Khost, Behsood-Wardak, and has established libraries in Qalay Muradbig school and in Parwan.

Capacity Building for Journalism

Mediothek's journalism capacity building program have trained more than 300 people, mainly youth, since the year 2003.

Journalist Network

Journalism Network
The journalist network works hand in hand with all journalists to ensure constant communication and the growth of a long lasting relationship of the journalists.

Video & Clips Publication

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Mediothek's programs (Peace Caravans, Conferences, Cultural events and Dialog gathrings) are published through Compact Disks and Video clips in website