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Community Development

One of the main objectives of Mediothek’s activities is to develop active and sustainable communities based on peaceful interaction, social justice, continuous learning, and mutual respect. Mediothek seeks to transform social structures and to facilitate a process in order to enable Afghan people to participate in the issues that affect their lives.
Therefore, Mediothek Afghanistan seeks to empower Afghan men, women, youth, individuals and groups, by providing them with capacities, space and opportunities they need to bring about change in their own communities. They recieve training in various issues, such as civic education (e.g. on constitution and elections), organizational development, facilitation between groups, conflict management, and networking skills.

Mediothek's goal is to strengthen civil society. It supports the interaction of the civil society with the Afghan central and provincial government, the international community and actively promotes civil society networks and platforms.
The community centers initiate and support the formation of large social groups working for a common agenda and supports the local ownership of the communities in the peace and democratization process in the war-torn country. Mediothek also promotes national reconciliation and the rule of law that has to be implemented from top down and from bottom up.