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CCCN Coordination Council of Civil Societies in Nangarhar

After fifteen months struggle the Coordination Council of Civil Societies is opened on June 2008.
than Alhaj Ab.Ghani Hashimi coordinator of Coordination Council of Nangarhar and temporary assistant of Coordination Council of Civil Societies at the binging of his speech; he delivered his sympathy to Samad Rohani"Journalist" family and condemned his assassination and beside it, explained the demands and advantage of C.C.C.S establishment and invite the other civil to join with this coordination.
Afterwards, the temporary secretary of C.C.C.S, Badam Zarifi gave information about the establishment and coming activities of C.C.C.S. to participants. In addition other members of C.C.C.S explained their opinion in deferent fields too and the invited societies explained their support form this coordination.
At the end of gathering, Shir Afzal Muslih, temporary director, requested from invited societies to cooperate in strengthening of coordination affairs.