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Human Rights and Rule of Law Programs in 2015

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An Assessment of Human Rights and Rule of Law Programs in 2015…
Community and Media Center Khost
Community and Media Center Khost has been organizing and implementing programs according to local needs, customs and realities. Most of the our programs have been widely recognized by communities and citizens due to the fact that we are always in contact with communities and citizens and discuss about the needs and realities of their communities and organize and implement our programs in that context.
On 2nd February 2015, Community and media center Khost organized gathering to discus and collect expert views and opinions on how to effectively implement programs to strengthen and institutionalize Human Right and Rule of Law in the course of 2015 and beyond. Members of Khost based civil society institutions, representatives of organizations working on human rights issues, journalists and experts participated in the gathering.
Khost community and media center coordinator, Farooq Jan Mangle explained the importance of such gatherings among different institutions for the effectual and successful implementation of programs on human rights issues and rule of law.
It would be very effective and useful if such programs on human rights and rule of law are organized and implemented in rural areas and districts, said a participant of the gathering, Speen Gull Rawan, chief editor of Milli Ihsas magazine. He added that people in rural areas and remote localities have not been exposed the human right issues and rule of law, therefore it is very important to expand such program to rural areas and district and such program should not be limited to city and urban areas, it should also reach out to villages and rural areas.
Head of Human Rights and Civil Society organization also stressed that the need for programs on human rights and rule of law is more urgent and needed in districts, as most of residents have been away of these values.
It was also suggested that a print publication would be very crucial in getting the message across through writing and investigative reporting. It would be very useful to establish a print publish to collect and disseminate information on human rights and rule of law in rural areas and districts.
It is important to analyze and assess the problems and needs of people in districts and to see what people want, and what are the contributing factors are in weakened rule of law, and challenges of human rights issues in rural areas, said a participant of the gathering, stressing that programs should be tailored to the needs and people.