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Shelter Programs

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Shelter Programs
Newly returnees from Pakistan and Iran are living in dire conditions in unusable tents, dilapidated and rundown houses that were damaged during the years of wars; others are living in overcrowded houses with their relatives’ families. Likewise, internally displaced people are also living under very harsh and dire conditions in areas and land distributed and dedicated to the displaced and internal refugees.

Shelter is the most urgent and basic need of these families and building and providing shelter for these people is a lifesaving affair. Given the urgency of building shelters and the dire living conditions of refugees and displaced citizens both UNHR and the Afghan government have placed the building and provision of shelters a priority of their agendas.

Mediothek Afghanistan, Community Center Kunduz has been the major implementing partner of UNCHR in implementing community programs, such as the shelter building program across Northeastern provinces (Kunduz, Takhar, Baghlan and Badakhshan). Mediothek has been selected from among dozens of national and international non-governmental organizations to implement UNCHR’s programs.

From 2009 through 2013 we have managed to build and deliver shelters for 1810 returnees and displaced families in three Northern provinces of Kunduz, Takhar and Baghlan. Each shelter has two living/bedrooms, one hallway and one bathroom/toilet.