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Mediothek Published Election Journalism Book

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Mediothek Afghanistan has recently published an election journalism book in two national language of Dari and Pashto, the publishing cost was provided by the civil peace services program of GIZ-ZFD. The book is translated and compiled by Mr.Massoud Momin, journalism trainer at Mediothek Afghanistan.
The book introduces modern methods of election reporting to Afghan journalists.
The book is divided into two parts. The first part of the book focuses on the meaning and concept of election, election in the Afghan Constitution, international standards for holding free and fair elections and other related issues. In the second part of the book, the issue of election and media is scrutinized, tools for reporting from elections are introduced, process of election coverage is described, election campaigns are analyzed, and methods of interview with candidates are also shown in the second part of the book.
This book will serve as a kit or tool box for journalists; it will provide answers for many of the election related questions that journalists might have, said the trainer of Mediothek Afghanistan, Mr. Massoud Momin.
This book will particularly assist young Afghan journalists to recognize their responsibilities and duties as they report and provide free and fair media coverage for election, added Mr. Massoud.
Last year, Mediothek Afghanistan published books about peace journalism.