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Peace Reporting and Election Reporting

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24.02.2014 Mediothek Afghanistan conducted a three-day intensive workshop on “Peace Journalism and Reporting from Election.” The workshop was organized under the title of “Peace reporting from the election process” from 22nd to 24th of February of 2014. Twenty male and female journalists from Kabul based print and digital media intuitions participated in the program. The main aim of the workshop was to raise the professional capacity of Afghan journalists in peace journalism and to promote peace journalism’s value among Afghan journalists and media and to highlight the application of peace journalism in the election process. Afghans are due to hold a presidential election in April of 2014 and it will be preceded by provincial council election. The program covered a wide range of topics about peace reporting, peace journalism and the application peace reporting during election. The program included practical and theoretical chapters, cases studies and successful examples of peace journalism and election reporting and analysis of these cases studies through and Afghan perspective. The target group of workshop was mostly young and novice Afghan journalists. A press conference was conducted at the end of the workshop in the presence media outlets. Head of media department at Independent Election Commission, Ms. Faridah Nickzad and director of Nai (Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan) talked to participants and media, both highlighting the potential role and impact of peace reporting during election. While in the meanwhile Mediothek’s local offices in Nangarhar, Khost, Herat, Balkh, Kunduz and Kandahar provinces also held three-day workshop on the same topic, in total more than 150 Afghan journalists participated in the workshop. The programs were financially supported by Civil Peace Services of (GIZ-ZFD).