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Post National Conference gathering

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Discussing and sharing the contents and experiences of National media conference with local journalists in Khost…
Mediothek Afghanistan organized and implemented a two-day regional conference under the title of ‘Mutual Regional understanding, “Role of Media”.’ The conference was organized in Kabul, around 100 journalists, experts and activists from across Afghanistan, as well as from Pakistan and Tajikistan participated in the conference.
Prior to the regional conference, Mediothek provincial offices held provincial conferences inviting journalists and media experts and activists from all zones of Afghanistan, in total around 300 participants discusses the issue of regional understanding and role of media.
Each zone assigned a representative to carry the message to the national or regional conference in Kabul.
Following the regional conference held in Kabul on the 11th and 12th of December of 2013, Mediothek Provincial offices, including Community and Media Center Khost held Post-Regional Conference gatherings, inviting those journalists and media activists who were participated in the pre-regional conference and other local media and civil activists to discuss the topics and share the experiences of the regional Kabul conference.
It was an effort to provide an opportunity to more tan twenty local journalists and media activists to discuss the and learn about the topics discussed in the course of two-day conference among Afghan, Pakistan and Tajik journalists and experts in Kabul.