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Mutual Regional understanding, “Role of Media” Conference ended

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14.12.2013, Kabul,
On Wednesday, 11th of December of 2013 Mediotek Afghanistan launched its two-day winter regional conference in Kabul. The conference started with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, and then the message of the President of Afghanistan was read by the director of Center Regional Studies, Mr. Abdul Ghafor Liwal. Mr. Hamidullah Zazai presented the opening statement of the conference which officially started the conference...
More than one hundred journalists, media activists, regional experts from different provinces of Afghanistan as well from Pakistan and Tajikistan took part in the conference. Members of Kabul based civil society organizations and foreign intuitions including embassies such the representative of the German Embassy also participated in the first day of the conference.
Subsequent to the opening statement, Mrs. Simin Ghazal Hassan Zada read the message of the minister of information and culture. The first secretary and political advisor spoke on behalf of German embassy, shedding light on the continued German support for Afghan media and civil society, and highlighting the work of Mediothek as a German supported effort in Afghanistan.
The first panel began, Dr. Rasol Rahim, a visiting expert of politics and human rights from Germany read an in-depth article on “Regional Understanding and integration, its components, and necessities.” Professor Nasrullah Stannikzai of Kabul University, Law Faculty, comprehensively analyzed regional common interests from a legal-political perspective. Prof. Shah Jahan Sayed, Chair of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Peshawar delivered a comprehensive presentation on the “Needs of considering platforms and policies in regional politics for regional understanding…”
The panel ended with a question and answer session.
The second panel of the first day revolved about the issue of studying and analyzing the crisis of confidence in the region. Mr. Abdul Ghafor Liwal director of the center for Regional Studies reflected on “Analyzing some models and experiences of regional understanding/our regional challenges and ways of overcoming those challenges. Mr. Sidiqullah Tuwhidi director Nia (Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan), Mr. Salman Abid journalist and media activist from Pakistan and Mr. Jan Agha Naweed chairman of the union of economic journalists spoke on the topic. The two hours panel ended with questions and answers. The conference was given extended coverage by national as well as international media such as BBC Afghan Service, Voice of American and others…
  Second Day of the Conference:
The second of the conference started at 9:00 am local time.
Mohammad Atif Faqir Zadah evaluated the first day of the conference, and invited several Afghan journalists from different province to present the messages of the preliminary conferences.
[Mediothek provincial offices organized pre-national provincial and zone level conferences prior to this main conference. Around 300 journalists and media activists from different provinces participated in the conference; they discussed the same issue from a local perspective, conducted group work and prepared a statement. Participants of the provincial conference elected their representatives to present the statement of the provincial conference in the national conference, and this panel provided that opportunity.]
Latif Jorah Zadah, professor of Russian-Tajik Slavonic University (RTSU) read a comprehensive article on “Studying and analyzing the crisis of confidence in the region.”
Mr. Atiqullah Sahel, senior journalist and writer in the Northeastern provinces, presented the message of journalists from Northeastern provinces.
Mr. Javed Ziarat Jahee, journalist in Herat province, presented the message of journalists from Western provinces.
Mr. Ilyaas Wahdaat, journalist in Khost province, presented the message of journalists from Southeastern provinces.
Mr. Mukhtar Wafae, journalists and blogger in the North, presented the message of journalists from Northern provinces.
Mr. Asif Shinwari, journalist and writer in eastern province of Jalalabad, presented the message of journalists from Eastern provinces.
For a change of atmosphere, two well-known poets, one from Afghanistan and one from Pakistan were invited to read a short poem.
Second Panel:
Promotion of culture of understanding (Essential duty or moral responsibility) the importance of sharing experiences and the potential impact of media in bringing social changes (Case studies…) was the subject of the second panel of the second day.
Chief Editor of “Melat Newspaper” of Tajikistan, Chief Editor of 8am Newspaper from Afghanistan and Ibrahim Shinwaree representative of Dawn News from Pakistan were the members of the panel. Each delivered comprehensive speeches about the topic.
The panel ended with a Q & A session.
Several leading speakers and participants concluded the main part of the conference after a deep deliberation and assessment. And the assessment team produced and presented a list of recommendations for the participants. The paper or the list of recommendations was also sent to national and international media and relevant government instructions in the three countries.
Additionally, conference’s participants took part in a TV discourse about the same topic. And finally, the conference officially concluded with a cultural evening in the main office of Mediothek Afghanistan in Kabul.