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Mutual regional understanding, “Role of Media”

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Medoithek Afghanistan officially inaugurated its annual regional conference today - December 11th, 2013 – at 9:00 am local time, in Kabul Afghanistan.
Around a hundred people including representative of foreign embassies in Kabul, members of Kabul based national and international organizations, government officials, journalists, media activists and experts from across Afghanistan as well as from Pakistan and Tajikistan participated in the conference.
The two-day conference will cover wide-range of issues about regional understanding and the role of media. In the first part of the conference everal experts from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan will provide in-depth analysis and evolutions of the current affairs in the region, a questions and answers session will provide an opportunity for journalists and participants to ask their questions. A government representative will present the government stand on the issue. 
Some of successful models and lessons learnt of regional cooperation and integration will be presented and discussed in the course of the first day of the conference. Role of media will be scrutinized from different angles and by different experts from the three countries. Regional crisis of confidence and the role of media dissected and analyzed.  
Mediothek Afghanistan has been organizing and implementing such conferences for the several past years, mostly focusing on regional understanding and cooperation and the role of media.