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Conference on Peace Deadlocks and the Standing of Afghan women
24th – 26th of October, 2006
Mediothek Afghanistan implemented a three days women peace conference under the title of “Peace Deadlocks and the Standing of Afghan women”. The conference was conducted on the 24th, 25th and 26th of October of 2006 in Kabul.
More than 80 women, social and civil activists, experts and community organizers from ten difference provinces of Afghanistan participated in the conference. In the course of these three days participants discussed the peace deadlock and the role of women from different perspectives.
The conference included presentations, group work sessions, open discussions, panel discussion and questions and answers. The conference concluded with the presentation and publication of a declaration letter, and recommendations to President of Afghanistan, encouraging him to work on strengthening the role of women in decision making level across the government. The conference was supported financially by ded