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Mediothek Conducted Advanced TOT in Kabul

Conducted Advanced TOT in Kabul
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An advanced training of trainers (TOT) program for eight participants of different provinces was completed on Wednesday, May, 01, 2013. The participants have participated in the preliminary phase of the program held last rear, 2012. The program was organized by Mediothek Afghanistan in cooperation with Deutsche Welle Academy, and the workshop was instructed by two outstanding trainers of DW, coming from Germany.
Mediothek has been providing continued and world-class capacity-building programs, in different genera, for journalists and journalism trainers across the country, said the managing director of Mediothek Afghanistan, Mr. Hamid Zazai, speaking to the participants.
Mr. Zazai added that this workshop will serve as an effective program for capacity-building of trainers, and we hope that the participants will be able to trainer and guide local journalists in their regions after they fished their training course.
Participants learned a great deal of very useful issues about training, dealing with participants, modern methodologies, practical application of these methods and other crucial issues, which will enable the participants to successfully conduct training in their respective province, said one the trainers, Mr. Schamz Mayel, a freelance journalist and a freelance trainer for DW Academy.
Similarly; participants were also very satisfied from the over all workshop and its contents. The workshop was very helpful and practical; it will enormously help us on our day to day work as trainers, all the topics discussed in the course of the workshop were very new to all of us, said one of the participants, Mr. Naqibullah Shamszai and journalist-trainer from Kunduz province.
The workshop was conducted with help of Deutsche Welle Academy, which has been working for the past ten years in Afghanistan.