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Mediothek published a manual on “Rule of Law”

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Mediothek Afghanistan has been proving capacity-building programs for journalists and reporters across the country through its media houses located in different provinces, so far Mediothek has trained, on different capacity levels, more than 2000 journalists via different workshops and capacity-building programs in the capital and provinces.
Additionally, Mediothek has been consistently working on the provision of journalistic and educational and training materials, and as a continuation of these efforts, Mediothek recently translated and published a manual on the “Role of Media in Strengthening Rule of Law”, the manual is a handy help and reference for journalists and educators.
The manual is composed of two parts:

  1. Basics of Rule of Law
  2. Role of media in Strengthening the Rule of Law

The materials collected and compiled in this manual have been derived from various prestigious sources regarding rule of law; here we would sincerely thank all the authors for allowing us to translate and use their resources.
We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Massoud Momin who meticulously selected, complied and translated the materials and resources from more than a dozen sources, we wish him success and hope he will even be more productive in producing such outstanding resources in the future as well. It is also a great opportunity to thank MR. Najubullah Alo Khiel for translating the materials into Pashto.
The main objective of the compilation of this manual is to help young and newcomer journalists to gain a full grasp of the core issues about rule of law and the role of media in strengthening rule of law.
Mediothek Afghanistan, Kabul, March, 2012