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Workshop on “Media and Rule of Law”

Media and Rule of Law workshop 2012
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It's an obvious fact that the media acts as the forth pillar of society because it plays an essential role in almost every aspect of the citizens' social lives. Generally, the media may strengthen the rule of law. Especially in countries like Afghanistan which has a high literacy rate, the media is particularly important.

With the overall aim of instructing young and newcomer journalists about the role of the media in the process of strengthening the rule of law, the Media House Nangarhar conducted a two-day workshop on the 21st and on the 22nd of Nov. 2012. Eleven journalists, male and female, participated in the workshop. A wide range of topics were discussed, including:
What are the media's responsibilities?
What is the rule of law?
Why is the rule of law necessary?
Which role can the media play in the process of strengthening the rule law?
How can journalists integrate the rule-of-law-issue in their reporting?
And many more important and related topics…

The workshop combined practical examples with projector screenings, theoretical analysis and in-class exercises and evaluation. During the practical part the participants wrote reports in which they reflected upon the rule-of-law-issue in their reporting. Each report was discussed in class. In addition, some real-world examples of various local and national media institutions were analyzed.
The participants' assessment of the workshop was very positive and they promised to abide to the rules of their future reporting activities, hence, they'd contribute to the work of institutions which enforce the rule of law through reporting. At the end of the program, certificates of a successful completion of the workshop were handed to the participants.