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Discussion on “The Media as Mediator”

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27 Dec 2017
Monthly Media Meeting Series – Afghan Media and Social Responsibilities
Community and media center Balkh (Moulana Peace House) organized its last program of the Monthly Media Meeting Series – Afghan Media and Social Responsibilities, on 26 December 2017. 24 participants, including 9 female journalists, civil society activists, university lecturers, social activists, students and youth participated.
 The media unavoidably, necessarily mediates conflicts, media and its representatives define, shape, and often exacerbate conflict by the stories they choose to cover, by those they omit, by the sources they use, by the facts' they include, by the way they use language, by their own biases, or newsframes. The media may encourage polarization and extremism by marginalizing certain parties and by only quoting their most extreme members and positions. This mediating effect can be dangerous when journalists are unaware of their power.
To educate journalists about the role of the media as mediators, Mediothek Balkh organized an event to discuss the mediating role of media in conflicts. It intended to encourage journalists to examine their own biases and habits and encourages them to ask the parties fresh, innovative questions, to widen the frame of the conflict, and to promote dialogue between the parties.
The event also focuses on the role of media in finding peaceful solutions to the ongoing conflict between the Afghan Presidential Palace and the provincial officials in Balkh province.