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Analyzing the State of Fine Arts in Balkh

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Jan 31 2018
Mediothek’s Community and Media Center (Mualana Peace House), organized an event, in the framework of its mouthy roundtable, to analyze and discuss the state of fine arts in Balkh province with artists, experts and students of arts.
Mediothek Balkh coordinator and renowned painter, Mohammad Saber Naqshbandi, said that despite the reverence of arts in our classical literature and historic writings it has been losing its appeals in the face of new technological developments and other issues.
Each participant expressed their views on the state of fine arts in Balkh province, and spoke about the challenges facing arts, expressing hope that handicrafts and arts will one day find its previous appeals among citizens again.
The lack of a market for sale, poverty in society, a lack of government support for elegant handicrafts and arts, the lack of interest among young people in fine arts, and the dispersion of artists in Balkh province are most important problems that the participants expressed during the program.
"despite our great interest in the art of painting, there is not market for our works, and as a result we look at art not as our first job, but as a secondary and  and entertaining endeavor, because art now cannot feed us’ says Haroon Faizi, a local painter.
Ms. Zarifa Almas, a young local female artist, says that the art of painting is her love, but women has a weakened presence in artistic arenas and have less chance of succeeding to displaying their arts and works in public, therefore if women artist don’t receive the attention they need and deserve we would see even more women leaving the field altogether.
Despite the fact that in recent years various exhibitions have been held for handicrafts and art works by artists from Balkh province, but the market for their works has been weak and public reception in the market almost zero and as a result it has disappointed a number of young artists and lost interest in the topic.
Young artists decided that they will come together once every month to Mediothek Balkh to discuss and evaluate their artworks and with the assistance Mohammad Saber Naqshbandi, identify the flaws and shortcomings of their work and work to improve their artistic skills.
At the end of the meeting, young artists from Balkh province presented a portrait of Mr. Naqshbandi, painted by the artists, as a way of thanking him for his long work and commitment for the development of fine arts.  The event supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a part of a series of monthly roundtable meetings conducting by Mediothek offices in several provinces seeking to bring together experts, officials, media representatives, civil society and citizens together to discuss and share their views about crucial social and cultural issues.