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Youth Challenges and Promoting Book Reading

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30 November 2017
Monthly media meeting series
“Promoting a culture of book reading in an urgent need of the Afghan community today”
Community and media center Herat (Mediothek Herat) organized an event to evaluate and analyze ways and mechanisms for promoting a culture of book reading among youth in Herat province and beyond.
“While we are well aware of the sometime destructive impact of the digital revolution on reading books,  but the most practical way to promote book reading among youth is to establish libraries across cities and communities and encourage young people to visit the libraries and borrow books,” said Hamid Sarfarazi, Mediothek Herat coordinator.
Sarfarazi promised that Mediothek Herat is committed to working with communities, education organizations and other social institutions to promote book reading and reading in general.  
“Unfortunately we are facing an endemic when it comes to the lack of book reading by young people and even students,” believes Mojadidi, owner of a private TV channel in Herat, “promotion of book reading as a tradition and a practice will require people, education institutions and communities to work together to find solutions for the too many challenges they face.”
 “Civil society and social institutions should work hands in hands with formal education bodies, schools and universities to promote book reading within formal schooling system” believes, Marzai Ahmadi, a young activist and a participant.
Dr. Asadullah Habibzadah, a professor at Herat University believes that a lack of reading and book reading among youth can cause challenges of various forms in society, he added that writing and publishing books that provide what the young generation needs at the current situation of Afghanistan is very important and crucial and we have to work with writers and publishers to work on this aspect of the issues as well.  
Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to improving literacy and reading among young Afghans and has been working for years with communities, education institutions, schools, universities and people to promote literacy and reading at various levels.