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Mediothek Balkh hosted A Student’s Painting Exhibition

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8 November 2017
Mediothek Balkh organized a student painting exhibition following a six-month training of a dozen female and male artists in the art of painting in Mediothek Balkh.
More than 100 participants including artists, painters, experts, youth and students and a German General Consulate advisor participated in the event.
Mohammad saber Naqshbandi, a renowned artist and painter, and Mediothek Balkh coordinator, trained 13 young artists, including 7 female, in painting over a period of six months. Seventy different pieces of their arts were displayed in the exhibition.
Speaking at the opening of the event, Mr. Naqshabandi said that the students learnt a great deal about the art of painting, color combination, composition, and usage of painting tools, expressing hopes that these students will create commendable artistic creation.
Mr. Naqshbandi also reaffirmed Mediothek Balkh commitment to supporting artist through trainings and exhibitions.
“This six-month training workshop was very effective and useful, before my participation in this training I did not know very well how to combine colors,  or how to utilize pencil, but now I have acquired the abilities,” said Behishtah Khurami, an artist graduated from the training course in Mediothek Balkh.
Adina Qarib, also a graduate of the course, says that I participated in the six month course in Mediothek Balkh, but what I learnt during the six month is the equivalent of what I had learnt in the past six years.
Trainees were trained by Mohammad Sabir Naqshbandi free of charge, but transportation and material cost was generously provided by GIZ civic and peace program.
Graduates were awarded certificates of completion by Mediothek Afghanistan and ZFD of GIZ.