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Discussion on the Challenges of Media and Journalists

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29 October 2017
Monthly Media Meeting for the month of October 2017
Community and media center Khost (Mediothek Khost) organized its monthly media meetings program to discuss with experts, journalists and local media representatives the rising challenges of media and journalists in Khost and nearby provinces.
A development in the field of freedom of expression and freedom of media is a very significant achievement of the Afghan government over the past one and a half decade. But despite the grand achievements, journalists and media workers very often encountered challenges as well, attempts are made to mute journalists, and dozens of journalist also lost their lives, have gone through imprisonment and endured beatings and threats.
The level and severity of challenges facing Afghan journalist vary depending on whether they live and work in Kabul, in Northern provinces or the volatile and dangerous provinces in south and south eastern provinces of the country.  
Journalists working in the Khost and nearby provinces encounter continued threats and challenges, and they have to work under considerable pressure on day to day basis to do their jobs.
To make the daily struggle easier and to discuss the challenges facing journalists and find possible solutions, Mediothek Khost has been organizing regular meetings and gathering with representative of media organization, government officials and experts and one such event was organized on the 29th of October 2017.
Mediothek monthly media meetings are a series of long running programs which brings together media representatives, civil society activists, government representatives and citizens to discuss pressing social, economic and cultural issues and assess the possible role of media in advancing the matters.