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Women and Their Cultural Challenges

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Monthly Media Meeting for the month of October 2017
Maulana Peace House (Mediothek Balkh) organized its signature monthly media meeting for the month of October 2017 to discuss the cultural challenges of women in Mazar-e-Sharif and Balkh as whole. Civil society activists, representatives of local media organizations and women rights advocates participated in the program.
As an example of the cultural atmosphere in Balkh, female writers and poets don’t have the equal chance of getting their written works and books printed and released unlike their men counterparts whose works and books are regularly printed, discussed and analyzed in literary gatherings, universities and education institutions.
Participants argued that the main reasons that female writers don’t have the chance to get their work printed emanate from a lack of self-confidence on the part of women, a lack of trust on women abilities on the part of society, lack of a center to support women financially to print their works, while their men counterparts enjoy to some extent these luxuries.
Meha Salimi is a female writer and poet in Balkh, wring poetry and prose for years, she has three collection of poems ready for print, but despite her efforts to find a source to support her with the printing of her books she has not managed to find someone.
Najillah Habibi is managing a free legal aid organization in northern zone of the country; she says that written a memoir of her struggle as women in a country dubbed the worst place on earth for women, and the book offers great lessons for other women and society as whole, but so far she has failed to find a source to support her to print the book.
There are countless example of women who has been writing, reflecting on their day to day struggle through their writings and poetries, but sadly they don’t get the chance to get their work printed and the reason is most often the gender of the writer before anything else.
Participants proposed the establishment of a financial fund in Balkh and motivate writers, artists, artistic institutions, civil society organization and even NGOs to participate and voluntarily provide a small amount of money on monthly basis for fund which will be dedicated to helping female writers print their works.