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Investigative Journalism Training Course Concluded

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10 October 2017
Mediothek Afghanistan organized an advanced investigative journalism training course. The training initiated on 6 October 2016 in Kabul with more than 22 participants from across several provinces as well as from Kabul participated in the training.
The training course offered a comprehensive and advanced introduction to investigative journalism techniques. The training especially, focusing on practices of investigative journalism in countries facing conflict.
The program was a balanced combination of theoretical and practical leaning, the first four days of the training focused mostly on theoretical and academic aspects of investigative journalism as well as on lessons from various countries, successful journalistic projects, case studies and challenges of investigative journalism in in conflict countries.
While the last two days of the event gave the participating journalists a unique chance to practically and collective work on real-world topics and produce reports in the light of the lessons learned during the four initial days of the workshop.
The reports produced will be analyzed and reviewed by the trainers and feedback will be shared with participants.
The training was managed by a distinguished investigative journalist at Deutsche Welle Radio in Germany Dr. Rasul Rahim, visiting from Germany,   and Izatullah Akabari, a trainer with more than twenty years of teaching experiences in investigative journalism and journalism studies.
Afghan media have seen tremendous developments over the past one decade, hundreds of radio stations, dozens of TV channels, newspapers, magazines and other form of media outlets are operating across the country, however despite their developments and achieves in the face of challenges and threats Afghan journalists still need national and international support specifically in issues such as investigative journalism, peace journalism and conflict sensitive journalism.
Mediothek Afghanistan has been providing capacity-building programs in these importance and key fields of journalism over the past several years, training thousands of mostly young and active journalists.
The intensive program focused on core topics of investigative journalism such as: what is investigative journalism, methods of writing and producing effective investigative journalism materials, difference between well conducted investigation and opinion, international standards of investigative journalism, interview, sources, the standing of investigative journalism in the larger context of journalism, challenges of investigative journalism in the Afghan context, investigative journalism in countries facing conflict… and much more.
Mediothek Afghanistan has organized several such training on investigative journalism in several provinces in the course of the year 2017 training dozens of young Afghan journalists on the important topic of investigative reporting.
The program is supported by The Federal Foreign Office of Germany.