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Mediothek “National Youth Congress” Concluded

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12 October 2017
Mediothek Afghanistan launched its “National Youth Congress: Youth Peace Dialogues’ Outcome” on 10 October 2017 in Kabul and concluded after two days of intensive panels discussions, discourse, group works, exchange of views and interactions between experts and  the more than 200 participants  of the event.
The "National Youth Congress” is the outcome and culmination of the series of provincial and national gatherings and meetings conducted in the course of the past three years by Mediothek Afghanistan, under titles of "Youth and Peace Dialogue”  and  numerous youth networking events.   
Provincial representatives of the Youth Peace Dialogues, members of youth groups, civil society activists, Afghan Members of Parliament, peace experts, journalists and representatives of governmental institutions were among the participants. 
Youth National Congress’ participants discussed a broad range of topics concerning the role of youth in strengthening peace, security, good governance, peace-building, social justice, development of youth networks and youth political participation.
In the course of the two days participants engaged in lively discussions, experts analyzed topics through penal discussions and answered participants’ questions on each topic. They also engaged in group-works to analyzing various topics and share views with each other.
Participants from across provinces and Kabul worked together to analyze their proposals on peace, security, education, employment, job creation for youth, election, youth political participation as well as social and political matters affecting youth and their livelihoods.
The issues discussed and analyzed in the course of the provincial and local dialogues over the past three years and the resulting proposals and plans were thoroughly reviewed and deliberated upon once again and the outcome is officially presented to government officials and international organizations in the form of a declaration from the address of the National Youth Congress.
The conference brought together representatives of the local and provincial dialogues in Kabul to present their noteworthy proposals on social, political, peace, security, education, health, environmental protection, culture, art, economy and employment issues.
“Youth and Peace Dialogues” series has been conducted over the past two and half years in Kunduz, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kabul and Khost provinces and a general summing up and evaluation of the initiative was carried out by the National Youth Congress in Kabul on a larger and more comprehensive scale with national experts.
In general participants focused their discussions and debates during the today todays on the following major topics analyzing each topic through panel discussions, group works and open debates.
·         The results and achievements of the Peace and Reconciliation Process and its future prospects with regard to the role of youth in this process,
·         The mutual expectations of the youth and the legislative branch, achievement, problems and opportunities,
·         The role of the “Youth Parliament” in bringing
·         Youth recruitment by terrorist groups and ways to fight the trend,
·         The socio-economic impact of youth immigration and migration from their country,
·         The role of coalitions, civic unions and youth trade union in peace discourses,
·         youth capacity at the local level and their schemes for peace,
·         The crisis of job creation and its social and economic harm for youth,
·         Achievement and outcomes of youth networks and organizations and their implications for social peace,
·         Youth, Job Opportunities and Its Impact on Peace.
·         The continuity of youth dialogues
National Youth Congress is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to working with youth to enable them to reach their potential and advance their participation in political processes. The widespread presence of youths in the ranks of civil society and media embodies the current situation of Afghanistan. We firmly believe that local and national youth dialogues and gatherings with the initiative of youth themselves can provide mechanisms to defend and advance the rights of young people and provide them the opportunity to express their expert views on the political, social, economic and cultural issues.