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How to Strengthen Relations with Pakhtunkhwa based journalists?

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26. Sep.2017
Community and media center Nangarhar (Mediothek Nangarhar) organized its monthly media roundtable event on 25th of September 2017 on how to strengthen relations with Pakhtunkhwa.
Representatives of various local private and government run media outlets, independent journalists and activists participated in the event.
Relations between Afghan journalists and journalists based Pakhtunkhwa have been weakened due to regular contacts and interactions on both sides. They can work together on a wide range of issues and contribute in enriching each other knowledge.
The aim of the roundtable discussion revolved around the objective of strengthening mutual relations between journalists on both sides and mechanisms for doing so.
“We need to engage authorities to work on easing movements of journalists across the border so they can engage in talks and dialogues,” says Yasir Sharifi, a local reporter “sadly officials are limiting the movement of journalists and this has negatively impacted joint journalistic activities.”
Bakhtee Jan Morad, a local TV reporter says that sour political relations between the two countries should be influence peaceful relations and interactions among the people and journalists of both sides. If they (governments) cannot work on strengthening relations they should not hinder what is already there.
Mediothek Afghanistan has been working with journalist on both sides of the Durand Line to strengthen relations among journalists, media organizations and media advocates. It has implemented various cross-border dialogue programs in the past several years.
Mediothek monthly media roundtables bring together journalists, media representatives, experts, government officials and citizens to discuss pressing social issues and the role of media organizations in advances social causes.
The event was organized in the overall framework of Mediothek’s media capacity-building and financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.