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Analyzing Challenges Facing Media Agencies

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Community and media center Herat organized an event on 30.08.2017 to analyze the challenges facing local media organizations.
Journalists, reporters, representatives of print and digital media organizations and media experts participated in the event. Participants discussed challenges of security and access to information and presented proposals for local governmental agencies and media organizations as an effort to improve the conditions for media.
Afghan media have seen tremendous developments over the past one decade, hundreds of radio stations, dozens of TV channels, newspapers, magazines and other form of media outlets are operating across the country, however despite their developments and achievements in the face of challenges and threats Afghan journalists still need national and international support specifically in issues such as investigative journalism, peace journalism and conflict sensitive journalism.
Participants of the event suggested that local journalists need more training and capacity-building on topics such investigative journalism, peace journalism, media management, graphics, economic journalism as there is a great need for such trainings in the western part of the country.
“Mediothek Afghanistan and Mediothek here in Herat province provides a series of workshops and trainings and we will share these suggestions with our Kabul office for future planning’” said Hamid Sarfarazee, Mediothek Herat coordinator.
Participants also discussed the worsening security conditions for Herat based and journalists as whole and expressed concerns that media and journalists facing unprecedented challenges and these challenges include personal security and safety, job security, rising violence against journalists, threats and intimidations against journalists from different sources.
The event was organized in the overall framework of Mediothek’s media capacity-building and financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.