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Mechanisms for Developing Civic Moralities and Values in Society

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25 April 2017
Community and media center Nangarhar (Mediothek Nangarhar) organized its monthly local journalists’ network event under the title of mechanisms for developing civil moralities in society on 25th of April 2017.
Local journalists, media activists and members of civil society organizations participated in the event to discuss about mechanisms for developing civil principles in society.
Participants shared views and experiences on what media and journalists can to promote civic moralities and values through reporting and broadcast, what do the public can do to enhance civil values and principles and what is the duty of media organizations and civil society organization in developing civil values.
Participants also analyzed the role of media and journalists in strengthening civic values so far after one and half decade of trial and error and emphasized the important role of mass media and journalists in public awareness and enhancement of modern and civil values through providing accurate and impartial information.
The event was organized in the overall framework of Mediothek’s monthly journalist’s network and financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with such programs in across different provinces.