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Education Development and Role of Journalists

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24 May 2017
Community and media center Nangarhar (Mediothek Nangarhar) has been working very closely with media organizations on a regular basis one of such program is the monthly journalists’ network meeting financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with such programs in across different provinces.
The Initiative provides a unique opportunity for local journalists to come together and share views and experiences on importance social, political and economic issues and improve collaboration.
On this month’s event organized on 24th of May 2017 by community and media center Nangarhar local journalists and media experts discussed the role of media and journalists in educational development.
Participants of the event believe that education is much more than going to schools and colleges, its purpose is to create awareness among people and mass media is providing this kind of knowledge outside of the schoolroom and therefore playing a vital role in creating mass awareness both in rural and urban areas in our country.
“As we all know media has expanded greatly over the years despite the financial and management challenges  and a large number of people here depend on med and broadcast media for entertainment as well as information’ says Moh. Dawood Wafa, Mediothek Nangarhar coordinator, adding “we have to exploit this tremendous potential of media...”
Participants unanimously agreed on the impact of media and journalist in educational development and emphasized that journalists and media must provide programs to help communities and parent make informed decisions about the education of their kids.
Partakers also highlighted the importance of educating journalists and media workers to play the role of educators and inspire communities and parents to prioritize education and they can do so through their reporting.
Mediothek Nangarhar as Mediothek offices across provinces closely work with media and journalists for more than a decade now.