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Role of Journalists in Parliamentary Election

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27 March 2017
Community and media center Nangarhar organized a roundtable entitled “Role of yournalists in Parliamentary Election” in which more than a dozen young and active journalists participated to discuss the potential role of journalists in the upcoming parliamentary election.
In the opening of the event, Mohammad Dawoud Wafa, coordinator of Mediothek Nangarhar said that Mediothek has been working with journalists and media activists for some years now to strengthen their role in society and the signature roundtable discussion played a very central role along the way.
 “Journalists and media as whole can play a very constructive role in the upcoming parliamentarian election but the main issue if the education of journalists in order to be able to play their role,” says Ziar Khan a local reporter, adding “I hope this gathering will be first of a process for analyzing the role of journalists in the parliamentary election.”
Jahanzeeb Roadwaal, a radio reporter, believes that media and journalist need to work to gather with civil society activists to raise public awareness about election and political participation.
The event was organized in the overall framework of Mediothek’s monthly journalist’s network and financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with such programs in across different provinces.
Initiative provides a unique opportunity for local journalists to come together and share views and experiences on importance social, political and economic issues and improve collaboration.