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Roundtable on Analyzing the Challenges of Journalists

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26 July 2017
Community and media center Herat (Mediothek Herat) organized a roundtable discussion to analyze the challenges facing journalists and local media representatives. The event was organized on 26 July 2017.
Representatives of local independent media organizations, media activists and experts participated in the event.
Participants discussed and analyzed security challenges facing journalists and media workers and activists, lack of coordination among media organizations to enable them to cope with the challenges they face and consultations among journalists as means of coping with stress.
Community and media center Herat has been working closely with local media and providing means to cope with challenges they face in professional and non-professional issues.
 “Because of insecurities and rising instabilities across the  province and beyond and expanding presence of anti-government forces outside of big cities journalists are increasingly facing with more challenges to their jobs,” said Asadullah Habibzadah, head of Afghan News Agency.
Participants stressed that it is very important for journalists to come together and work closely with a high spirit of collaboration to cope with rising challenges.
Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to the development of a free, independent and strong media in Afghanistan and has been working with media organizations and media experts to enhance internal cooperation among media organizations.