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Roundtable - Insecurity and its Impacts on Civic Activities

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22 August 2017
Community and media center Balkh organized a roundtable discussion to discuss the worsening security situation and its impacts on civil activities in Balkh and across the country as whole. The event was organized on 22 August of 2017 in Mediothek Balkh (Maulana Peace House) in which 25 participants including 11 female activists, members of civil society organizations, journalists and youth participated.
Security has been worsening in Balkh province since some times as it is worsening across the country. Big parts of a district fell into the hands of the Taliban insurgents, creating worries and concerns about citizens and civil society activists, fearing that rapid insecurities might further impede their activities which have already faced numerous challenges.
Participants expressed that the worsening security situation has created worries for ordinary people as well as for civil society activists especially female activists making their work more challenging.
Female participants of the event expressed that the fallowing speculation about the fall of Chamtal district into the hands of the insurgent group their family urged them to refrain from going to university and work and especially activism.
“When I am out of house organizing civic programs, or just out of house my family constantly calling to hear from me and make sure I am doing well,” said Gullchihra Baheen, a civil society activist and instructor.
Palwasha Asakzai , a civil society activist says “we have a really hard time in doing advocacy work because of the worsening security situation, we constantly feel feared and threatened.”