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Discussion on deplorable conditions for Children

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30 July 2017
Monthly media meeting series…
Community and media center Kunduz organized a roundtable discussion on its monthly media meeting framework to discus and analyze the deplorable conditions for children in Kunduz province and beyond.
The conditions for children have deteriorated over the past two/three years drastically as a result of worsening security situation and social pressures.
Participants of the roundtable discussions call upon government institutions as well as international community to pay attention to the regrettable conditions of children in Kunduz province, calling the worsening conditions of children a social crisis.
The program was organized on 30 July 2017 in Mediothek Kunduz and 40 participants including civil society activists, journalists, local government representatives and an MP form the province participated in event.
Besides general analysis of the state of children in Kunduz province, the discussion also specifically focused on “spiking child casualty as a result of armed conflicts, child addiction, disabilities, forced child labor, child soldiers and forced participation in armed conflicts, violation of children human rights, analysis of government support programs for vulnerable children, and depravation of children from receiving humanitarian support…”
Mediothek Afghanistan is a committed advocate of human and especial child rights in Afghanistan and has been organizing such events for a long time now across Afghanistan and has been working persistently to improve conditions for Afghan children and improve their access to education.