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Painting Course Launched in Mediothek Balkh

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11 July 2017
Community and media center Balkh (Maulana Peace House) launched a training course on the art of painting for a group of twelve art enthusiasts including six young ladies. The program officially started on 11 July 2017 in Mediothek Balkh (Maulana Peace House) meeting hall.
The training course will run for six months and will be taught by Mediothek Balkh (Maulana Peace House coordinator and well-known painter, Mohammad Saher Naqshbandi, and the program is a free program for the students who are committed to leaning the art of painting.
The course will combine both practical and theoretical learning techniques and the trainee will be giving ample time to work on independent painting projects.
The course will be held three times a week and in total more than 70 sessions will be help in the second half of the year 2017.