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A joint gathering of artists (painters) in Mediothek Balkh

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11 July 2017
Community and media center Balkh (Maulana Peace House) invited more than ten leading artists and painters in Balkh province to discuss ways of improving the art of painting in Balkh and also to discuss about setting up a permanent painting exhibition in Balkh province as an effort to promote the art of painting through public exhibition.  
A leading private university funded by a national businessman has earlier promised to provide a suitable space for the permanent exhibition at the education center and that promised prompted Mediothek Balkh to invite artists, mainly painters, to discuss ways of setting up the exhibition and work on a practical plan for setting up the exhibition.
Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to the development of art and culture in Afghanistan and has been working with artists in Afghanistan for almost two decades now. Mediothek has organized countless exhibitions and art programs across Afghanistan. Mediothek Balkh on its part has been running an art and painting exhibition in its center for sometimes now and has been teaching students of arts free of charge of several years.