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Journalists’ challenges: Joint Meeting of military and civilian spokespersons

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12 June 2017
Community and media center Khost organized an event on 12 June 2017 to discuss the challenges of journalists and media works with spokespersons of military and civilian institutions based in Khost. The event facilitated a face to face meeting between journalists and spokespersons of several military and civilian institutions as the primary contacts of journalists for information.  
Several government spokespersons from military and civilians, including the spokesperson and public relations office for the second foot brigade of the Afghan Army, public relation representative of the provincial governor office, representative of the security headquarter, head of the provincial department of information and culture, and representatives of national and international media organizations participated in the event.
“Journalists need information for a noble purpose which benefits everyone and supporting journalists in providing information is indeed supporting a noble cause,” said Saifullah Hayat, Mediothek Khost Coordinator “and I hope that the spokespersons present here commit to that noble cause as they had in the past.”
Participating journalists spoke about the challenges they face on their day to day work in accessing information from certain institutions.
Subsequently, representatives and spokespersons present at the meeting promised that they would do everything possible to cooperate with journalists and media works, expressing that they have been closely working with journalists to improve access to information within the framework of laws.
Community and media center Khost is dedicated to supporting journalists and has been facilitating such programs for several years now.