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A Meeting with Sports Journalists - Monthly Media Meeting

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26 May 2017
Community and media center Khost (Mediothek Khost) organized a meeting with local sports journalists on 25th May 2017. The main objective of the event was to discuss the challenges and opportunities of sports journalism in Khost and beyond and seek practical ways of helping sports journalists’ capacity building that will enable them to report proficiently.
“Even though sports journalism is a new brand of journalism in Afghanistan and has a long way to go, but Mediothek Afghanistan as committed advocate of media and press is committed to supporting sports journalists with their capacity-building” said Saifullah Hayat, Mediothek Khost Coordinator.
Participants of the event stressed that it is very important for journalists as whole and in particular for sports journalists to meet on a regular basis to exchange views and experiences about their common challenges. They also express hope that Mediothek Khost would be able to provide special training on sports journalists for local journalists. 
Mediothek Khost pledged that it will consider providing trainings for local sports journalists on the topic. Mediothek Afghanistan is committed to supporting free and independent media in Afghanistan and provides a wide range of training workshops and coordination programs across provinces.